The Studio has its origins in an encounter between a visual artist/silversmith (Bardula) and an architect/scenographer in Paris back in 2003.
Their work reflects the former’s passion for geometric abstraction and investigations into weightlessness and transparency, and the latter’s fascination with new technologies, in particular 3D and light. After graduating from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Paris, the architect was drawn to scenography and 3D modelling before working with French talent Ora-ïto, all of which led to a gradual overlapping of his world with that of Bardula and a conceptual and technological symbiosis. While remaining within the tradition of constructivist geometric abstraction and continuing to use metal as a medium, their work has come to be defined by the element of light. The use of digital models has allowed them to design increasingly complex structures, a new phase ushered in with the Spacetime installation.The first joint installation, Xcube, was completed in late 2012 and opened the way to the Propagations series in 2013, the subsequent installations Narrows, Insight, Vortex and Butterfly and the Baccarat project in 2014.The focus of Propagations was the mathematical progression of sequenced shapes created by a succession of laser-cut aluminium panels. The movements depicted represent the wave-like nature of light. These installations reveal different volumes depending on perspective and colour; they can be said to be kinetic by virtue of the fact that a holistic view is needed to comprehend them.The varying colour of LEDs, enhanced by their reflection in the metal, affects the viewer’s perception of the entire surrounding space and forms a synergy between shape and light.
The artworks for the Harcourt Vitrines, as well as all the others, are conceived and manufactured in B A R D U L A’s south Paris workshop.