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Kinetica presents Invisible Realm : Exploring the unseen 

Curated by Dianne Harris

8th June – 14th July
Lauren Baker Contemporary
London WC2

Kinetica launched a new exhibition at the Lauren Baker Gallery in Covent Garden, Summer 2018. Featuring six artists exploring the hidden dimensions of what lies beyond this plane of existence and our sensory experience.


The Invisible Realm is a place devoid of both time & space, a place where our outward perspective disappears from view and the interplay of all that is unseen comes to life.

The works explore hidden dimensions, infinite realms, spaces in-between, dark matter, the subconscious, energy fields, consciousness, thought and the concept of creation to transcend. The artists all share a common thread, to delve beyond this plane to reveal what lies beneath and between.

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The artworks of Lauren Baker are inspired by the cosmos, unseen energy, and the potential of other realms. Undulating colours entrance the viewer, and portray a door to another realm, creating a meditative and reflective experience.

The works of French artist Bardula study the correlation between the invisible, the virtual and the unreal, revealed and brought to existence by the reflection of LED light.

Ivan Black creates complex kinetic sculptures which spiral inside the spaces in-between. Forms expand and contract harmoniously like fractals, identical in ratio, equations that could stretch from the infinitesimal to the infinite.

The mobile sculptures of Daniel Chadwick are an art of balance both literally and metaphorically; kinetic systems that revolve in complicated balance and whose numerous orbits glide gracefully in communicative accord with themselves.

The work of Dianne Harris evokes the sense of a living, invisible system, highlighting the convergence and expansion of energy and magnetism, as well as representing the cyclical pattern in nature and within the cosmos. Her work portrays energy fields that are in constant flow and flux around us.

Margaret Michel explores the cycles and patterns that rule our universe and the logarithms and fractals that express the ways we cannot see the repetition of knowledge.

London Live interviewed two artists form Invisible Realm, Lauren Baker & Dianne Harris
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Invisible Realm : Curated by Dianne Harris